What is the difference between a translation agency and a freelance translator?

There are essentially 5 important differences.

A freelance translator works solo. In short, they have to take care of everything, and everything alone...

Answering client inquiries by phone and email, making estimates, taking care of accounting, VAT and social security returns and incidentally .... Translating, and making corrections in case of errors.

In addition, a large number of translators are teachers. This implies that they have a main job and perform translations after their daily work. This explains why a freelance translator is often not available to answer you by phone or by email or to meet with you personally.

001 Translations UK works as a team. We have staff, proofreaders, sales people, project managers, computer engineers, graphic designers, administrative services), not to mention many more financial resources and technical equipment (secure data server, secure online payment).

This is why we are available by phone, email and chat from 08:30 am to 06:30 pm, sometimes even on weekends.

001 Translations UK provides quasi immediate answers to all your questions.

The answer is quite simple and is related to the question of availability :

A freelance translator works alone. They are simply not able to quickly handle all the files that come their way.

Moreover, if the court or an insurance company entrusts them with the translation of a 100-page dispute, and you ask them to translate a birth certificate, guess who will come first!

001 Translations UK handles both private and corporate files. This is our strong point and what differentiates us from freelancers and our competitors.

We can translate official documents very quickly and even in a few hours in case of emergency.

You might think that the quality is about the same.

However, this turns out to be misleading: In fact, a freelance translator works solo all the time, whereas 001 Translations UK provides teamwork.

This detail is especially important when translating official documents.

About 20% of documents translated by certified translators contain errors, omissions, misspellings of proper names or dates of birth.

Systematic proofreading service by a second internal translator at 001 Translations UK makes it possible to detect and quickly correct errors that can have serious consequences for the client.

Two pairs of eyes are therefore better than one.

A freelance translator is in a position of power in relation to an individual client. Therefore, they can charge high prices.

In the interest of efficiency and competitiveness, 001 Translations UK has set up negotiated rates with a large number of translators.Our prices are customized and we regularly have promotions and discounts.

001 Translations UK applies rates that are often lower than the freelance translators themselves.

Our prices are customized and we regularly have promotions and discounts.

001 Translations UK charges rates that are often lower than freelance translators themselves.

With a team of computer specialists at its service, and technical and financial resources far superior to those of freelance translators, 001 Translations UK is obviously different from single translators, who often find it difficult, if not impossible, to implement security and data protection rules.

001 Translations UK has developed its own software for managing and monitoring translation projects, allowing total responsiveness at every stage of your translation.

Secure online payments on a secure server, instant communication by sending SMS messages allows our customers to be kept informed of the progress of their order in real time.


If you want a personalized, secure and modern service, fast, at a competitive and reasonable price and of impeccable quality, do not hesitate to contact 001 Translations UK.

What matters to us is the satisfaction of all our clients and our international reputation.