About the instant quote

We are proud to present our translation quote generator.

001 Translations UK is one of the only translation agencies in the world with such a tool which is very practical for all our clients as it allows them to calculate a price estimate for a translation in just a few seconds.

To do this, simply fill out our online form by clicking GET A QUOTE IN 5 SECONDS ; You must indicate some information related to the documents you want to translate, such as the number of pages, the language combinations, and if you need particular legal services (certification (assermentation), legalisation, apostille). Don't forget to add your document, it will save you time on the rest of the procedure.

Our software then examines each parameter of your request and our generator immediately shows you the estimated rate for your translation.

Our sales department simultaneously receives your request and verifies the estimate that has been offered to you.

In most cases, the estimate is confirmed within a few minutes by our sales department, who will send you a credit card payment link to our secure server.

Our team is reachable on working days during extended working hours by phone and email at any time from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

We also provide stand-by duty every Sunday!

In order to receive a personalised quote, please email us a scan or photo of your documents to: [email protected]

or fill in the application form by clicking here.

You can also message us using the chat or WhatsApp.

Common Questions

All our certified translations are official and mention the name of the translator as well as a reference number and the date the translation was done. They are also stamped and signed.

001 Translations UK makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality of all types of documents.

Your documents are saved on our ultra-secure server under the supervision of our IT staff. Backups are made to guarantee a second level of security.

All our collaborators sign a strict confidentiality agreement.

This is why we translate confidential documents from very large companies, major sports clubs, celebrities (Kim Dotcom, Bob Dylan, Monica Bellucci) or individuals.

As a general rule, 001 Translations UK is able to adapt to the request of our customers.

We offer 3 default deadlines that correspond to most requests:

  • - VALUE deadline: translation in 3 to 5 business days.
  • - STANDARD deadline: translation in 2 business days.
  • - EXPRESS deadline: translation in 24 hours (depending on availability and complexity of the request)

We can also translate certain documents within the hour, in case of emergency and subject to the complexity of the request.

Typically, if you are at the airport and need to have a COVID test translated into English before boarding, we can perform the official certified translation of your document within an hour.

You can pay by credit card via our secure payment site. This is the preferred option because we receive your order instantly and start your translation immediately.

You can also pay by bank transfer by asking us for our RIB. The operation is not instantaneous and it is up to you to send us the proof of transfer.

If you wish to pay in cash, contact us and you can go to the Post Office to make the payment. You will also need to send us the proof.

You will receive your translation automatically by email. Before sending it to you by mail, we always ask you to check it and confirm that everything is correct. This especially applies to translations of documents written in non-European alphabets (such as Arabic or Cyrillic).

Once you confirm, we will send the mail as soon as possible by traceable letter, registered mail or DHL.

Legal Questions

Translating documents for visa application in the UK may require a few additional steps in order to be accepted. For such translations, the translator usually has to be an approved list (CIOL or ITI).

They may also require a formal stamp from the translator recognizing them as a CIOL or ITI translator. 001 Translations UK and its team of translators can assist you but cannot act as a substitute for the public authorities..

The administrative rules can be complex. 001 Translations UK and its team can assist you but cannot act as a substitute for the public authorities.

To find out exactly what you need, you should ask the institution that is requesting the translation.


The administrative rules can be complex. 001 Translations UK and its team can assist you but cannot act as a substitute for the public authorities.

To find out exactly what you need, you should ask the institution that is requesting the translation.

We invite you to contact the DVLA in order to determine exactly what documents they require.

001 Translations UK is happy to accommodate these requirements.

Please make sure to message us with:
The specific requirements you need
Attach the relevant documentation
The source and target languages and countries of your documents

This will ensure your translation is to ensure your translation is completed to the fullest.

We offer three delivery options for our customers:

Express: 24 hours

Standard: 2 working days

Value: 4 workings days

We then have additional shipping options for hard copies.

If you have specific delivery requirements, please let us know.

In some cases, procedures or requesting agencies require verification of the translator's or translation agency representative's identity. This is called notarisation. We can also use the term "authenticating the translator's signature."

We can perform this additional legal step, but it is imperative that you inform us in advance.

If you want to get your diplomas translated for any higher education institution, 001 Translations UK has years of experience in translating diplomas, and university and academic transcripts and report cards.

There is no single authority in the United Kingdom for the recognition of foreign degrees and other qualifications, as the U.K Department of Education does not evaluate/validate academic credentials.

However, in most instances, they will request that you obtain a credential evaluation to determine how one's non-U.K credentials compare with U.K credentials, carried out by private, non-governmental entities for a fee.

We invite you to contact the admissions office of your university for instructions. Many institutions and schools evaluate credentials themselves, while some will refer you to a credential evaluation service. In order to get a UK degree recognised by a foreign university, we recommend you contact the university's admissions office for more information on the country's evaluation procedure.