Language Training

To improve your company's results and enhance success when doing business in foreign countries, 001 Translation can provide on-site language training to your employees to prepare them for international meetings with your partners or business associates.

You select the course, the schedule and the topic and we will identify the best customised solution for your training needs!

Whenever possible, our language consultants come directly from your field!

Your language instructor will be a qualified translator or interpreter with excellent interpersonal skills and who, like any language teacher, has received special language training. Any differences in the teachers will depend on his or her required expertise in various fields (Banking and Finance, Law, Technology, Science, Computing, etc.).

Custom-Designed Training!

We will create, develop and provide specific training that suits your business circumstances and that will enable your employees to apply their acquired language knowledge as effectively as possible.


  • A dynamic program tailored to your needs.
  • You select the time and place. When training is held on your premises, you save time and money.
  • Instruction will be tailored to your business culture and promote interpersonal relationships and team spirit among your employees.