Economics and business translations

001 Translation provides exceptional high-quality economics and business translations in all sectors of the economy: commodities, production and services.

Most exchanges on paper have disappeared with the arrival of the Internet and the technological advances that have taken place over the last decade. It is now easy to use the Internet to communicate instantly with clients and suppliers using just a mouseclick. However, any translation, whether a simple business e-mail, a purchase order, a newsletter or a message to your foreign clients or suppliers, must be carefully worded so as to reflect the credibility of your business to the fullest.

001 Translation has the resources needed to rapidly handle any multilingual business translation or proofreading assignment in a way that will guarantee the accuracy between your original text and the translation.

International law firms, large enterprises and services providers, auditing firms, banks and financial institutions, multinationals, professional organisations, small and medium businesses, manufacturers, design and engineering companies, public relations companies, international organisations, European Union institutions, etc... use the services of 001 Translation.

001 Translation specializes in translating descriptive materials such as business brochures, flyers, catalogs and Internet sites. We can also offer you interpretation services at business meetings, conferences, staff trainings, seminars, and international events all over the world.

If an emergency arises, we can provide rapid economics and business translations. We can also translate your Internet site into several foreign languages in just a few days.

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