Translation Quality

In order to provide you with a first-rate translation service, our multilingual translators and consultants are professionals who have had hands-on experience in one or more industries (Banking and Finance, Technology, Science, Law, Marketing, Information Technology, Software Applications or Publishing). Their strength lies in the combination of their technical skills and linguistic aptitude.

After completing an intensive 4-year translation curriculum, generally in a foreign country, a translator receives a diploma from a recognised academic institution in a concentration (such as Law, Technology, Economics and Finance or Science). Every graduate thus has a language area specialty. This means that the translator has an expert command of the terminology and concepts in his or her field. This is a guarantee of translation quality.

Our guiding principle is to have our translators and language consultants translate exclusively from aforeign language into their native language. In addition, our translations are systematically and thoroughly proofread by a second translator.

We take things a step further further in choosing ourtranslators. We believe that language itself speaks and imparts a specific message: it is not just a question of stringing words together in a sentence.

Unlike non-professional translators, 001 Translation does not blindly use automated translation tools such as those that can be found on the web for free and which often produce random and unintelligible results. Instead, we insist on working with skilled language professionals who can capture the nuances needed to deliver accurate translations.

As for business documents, we carefully review every text. If we note a typographical error, an omission or an inaccuracy in the orginal text, we inform you immediately as a matter of course. Translation is all about understanding texts.

001 Translation also employs the appropriate specialist terminology used in your business culture. Whenever our clients use specialist terminology, we request them to provide us with a glossary that can be used during final proofreading. We may also use translation tools and "customised" terminology databases for large-scale technical projects requiring a high level of consistency (e.g. training manuals or catalogs that are frequently updated).

Our expertise lies in fine-tuning the contents of your message so that it flows naturally and smoothly in the target language.